5 Steps For a Long Term Healthy Smile



Data acquisition from patient


Personalized treatment plan


Transparent communication and counseling


Interdisciplinary and minimally invasive treatments

Our values
  • Integrity

    We treat each patient as we would treat
    a member of our families.

  • Planing

    We think ten times and do it once.

  • Precision

    What you cannot see, you cannot treat.
    We work only with loupes and microscopes.

  • Safety

    Health and hygiene come first.

  • Honesty

    Only a well informed patient can make a good decision.

What We Offer – Why Choose Us?
  • You are always informed about what is being done.

  • You know what treatment is good for you and why.

  • You get maximum precision as we work under magnification.

  • Your maximum comfort is ensured by modern technology and materials.

  • You get microsurgical treatments for rapid healing and infection prevention.

  • Each specialist in the team is part of your treatment planning.

  • We place implants, not bridges. We don´t prepare healthy teeth.

  • When necessary, we prepare the minimum. (we use magnification).

  • We only extract teeth when there´s no other option.

The smiles that fill our heart with joy. This is how we know we are on the right track.
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