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Dr. Bâldea Dental Clinic offers dental services since 2004, which include prevention, cosmetics, reconstructive and restorative services. We take pride in our patient - centered philosophy, which includes comfort, trust, education and which guides our activity every day. We do our best to make the visit at the dentist a nice and positive experience, offering integrated services with the help of an interdisciplinary team which collaborates at each case. Our clinic is dedicated to supplying high quality dental services in a modern environment with the latest technology, focusing on ergonomics and minimally invasive interventions.


We have a team of competent professionals who can offer you high-quality services in order to make sure your experience is always positive. A visit in our clinic eliminates the phobias and stereotypes you might have about the visit at the dentist's. The entire health depends on the dental status, and if you ever had a bad experience at the dentist's, this can leave marks in your subconscious for the rest of your life and can compromise future treatments. That is why we care for each patient in a delicate and individualized way. We stress the education of the patient, because a well-informed patient can understand the procedures and can follow the evolution of the treatment, thus offering transparency in each moment of the treatment. A perfect state of dental health has a positive effect on all aspects of life.


We think 10 times and treat once! Each doctor is specialized in a specific area of dentistry, so we work using an interdisciplinary concept. The dental team collaborates in this formula since 2004, being among the few clinics in Romania which truly uses this approach on dental treatments. The aim of collaboration is obtaining the maximum medical performance.

Do you want to know each other?
Bogdan Bâldea Personal medical

Bogdan Bâldea

Doctor in medical knowledge Specialist doctor Oral surgery, Dental Prosthetics

Simona Bâldea Personal medical

Simona Bâldea

Oral surgery specialist

Alina Grozăvescu Personal medical

Alina Grozăvescu

Endodontic specialist

Adrian Dinulescu Personal medical

Adrian Dinulescu

Dentistry and endodontics

Sebastian Fechete Personal medical

Sebastian Fechete

Direct and indirect restorations

Christian Samoilă Personal medical

Christian Samoilă

Orthodontic specialist

Camil Ianeș Personal medical

Camil Ianeș

Endodontic specialist

Alexandru Giurca Personal medical

Alexandru Giurca


Iulia Prip Personal medical

Iulia Prip

Dentistry and endodontics

Oana Zirbo Personal medical

Oana Zirbo

Pedodontics and orthodontics

Andrei Motea Personal medical

Andrei Motea



We think 10 times and treat once!
Depending on the diagnosis, each patient will receive a personalized treatment plan, after which, usually, the patient will undergo a interdisciplinary treatment. We don’t start working and hope all will be fine. We plan in detail and we know we will have the optimum result!

Build your own smile!
In the case of patients who need esthetic treatments with crowns or veneers, the working protocol allows for the preview of the final situation. Before we start any treatment, the patient has the possibility to see the final result and to approve it or not. Without starting to work on the teeth, using precise methods, we can preview the smile and decide together up to the smallest of details, for a final perfect harmony.

Bone reconstruction
The bone tissue deficit gets augmented so that the dental implants can be placed in the correct position necessary making a functional and esthetic tooth in the final stage.

Dental implants
The placement of dental implants is done after we have a correct prosthetics plan (a wax-up), using surgical guides for placing the implants in an optimum position related to the prosthetic restorations which will be done at the end of the treatment.

One patient, several doctors
The expertise of each specialist is offered to each patient in order to reach the best result.
Minimally invasive
We treat each patient like a member of our own family.
The treatments take place under loupes or microscope.
Esthetics and function
Esthetics without function does not offer long term stability.
No construction is started without the existence of a project.
The esthetic and precision of the treatments is documented through photos and videos.


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