Treatment steps

We think 10 times and treat once!

Depending on the diagnosis, each patient will receive a personalized treatment plan, after which, usually, the patient will undergo a interdisciplinary treatment. We don’t start working and hope all will be fine. We plan in detail and we know we will have the optimum result!

Build your own smile!

In the case of patients who need esthetic treatments with crowns or veneers, the working protocol allows for the preview of the final situation. Before we start any treatment, the patient has the possibility to see the final result and to approve it or not. Without starting to work on the teeth, using precise methods, we can preview the smile and decide together up to the smallest of details, for a final perfect harmony.

Bone reconstruction

The bone tissue deficit gets augmented so that the dental implants can be placed in the correct position necessary making a functional and esthetic tooth in the final stage.

Dental implants

The placement of dental implants is done after we have a correct prosthetics plan (a wax-up), using surgical guides for placing the implants in an optimum position related to the prosthetic restorations which will be done at the end of the treatment.


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